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Oct 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
government, that washington seems to think is, um, you know, a good idea and ends up being counterproductive with a state like virginia that is growing, that has all the potential in the world but yet being held back because of its infrastructure shortcomings. so, yes, there's a lot we can do which is less and allow virginia to do more. >> moderator: mr. powell. powell: u.n., eric, you did not -- you know, eric, you did not support the stimulus the president initiated, however -- and, of course, i read so many things, i can't remember where i read it. i believe fredericksburg up to norb -- northern virginia. i may be wrong about that. >> you're wrong about that. >> well, let me finish. i let you finish, let me finish. in any case, you don't like government. you should just, like, resign, and i'll take over. [laughter] needless to say, government does have a role. i met people all over the district who, for example, in orange and culpepper counties, real people, human beings who couldn't get a connectivity for their cell phones, couldn't get their computer to work, couldn't
Oct 6, 2012 6:30pm EDT
sharing? are these concerns we should listen to as we set up the auction? >> what about the government held a spectrum? >> that is another piece of the puzzle that i have been talking about since i got to thef. -- fcc. we need to think creatively about ways of clearing and reallocating the federal spectrum in terms of where it is being used and not. i am not opposed to innovative sharing strategies. >> do you think there is a better solution? is there a better solution than the spectrum auction? >> as i outlined in pittsburgh, i have taken and all of the above approach. one critical part of the puzzle that could work to the benefit of consumer -- is not the only one. there are bands were this commission could take action. the national broadband plan two years ago created a threshold for action in terms of spectrum. freeing up 500 mhz by 2020. the mhz that are up for reallocation by 2015 are still on the table. i am consistent with my of the above approach and i believe we will take a look at all possible solutions. >> one of the other issues is lightsquare making a new proposal. >> i h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2